Tyler Furger

Tyler Furger

Tyler grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. In 1996 his parents bought him his first set of K-Nex, sparking Tyler’s lifelong interest in experimenting and building – an interest that would lead him to creating the systems and models to optimize investment, tax, and financial plans, which eventually formed illumine financial.

As he was wrapping up his junior year of college, Tyler was recruited by Northwestern Mutual and became a top 5 intern. While at Northwestern Mutual, Tyler realized how agents often spent more time practicing language to sell more products then on research and development to actually solve client problems. This motivated him to leave and launch illumine financial to offer better portfolio management, tax planning, and business solutions for his clients.

Illumine Financial

730 Mercer St, A305
Minneapolis, MN 55102

(P): 612.979.8979