Our Investment Methodologies

RWA created FormulaFolios to manage client accounts in a flexible, low cost, highly diversified, and transparent manner. Each investment account is uniquely tailored for each individual client. By adhering to a defined process, we remove emotion and automate sound decision-making.

We firmly believe that managing risk is the only way investors can develop a long-term investment strategy for dependable growth and future income.

Step by Step

We work with you to achieve the best customizable solution for your investing goals and future needs.

We understand that everyone has different investment goals. It’s our job to listen to you, ask the appropriate questions, and then work together to develop the best possible solution for your investments.

RWA has a custom 3-step process that has been tailored to provide clients successful results and a great experience.


Nearly 80% of all money managers fail to outperform their benchmarks and often produce less than desirable risk adjusted returns. As a result, FormulaFolios is an investment strategy unlike any other in the market today, and embodies the idea of being simple, because of the concepts it is based on, yet sophisticated, because of its advanced step-by step mechanical approach to quantitative analysis.