Devin Peterson


Devin is a Husband, Father, Runner and Believer. His day job as a Retirement Income Certified Professional® and Investment Advisor of Retirement Wealth Advisors, Inc. is but an extension of the principles and values that he holds in his family life.
With an energetic wife and 4 very active children he knows that there is power in clear communication, total respect, and an unwavering attitude of service to others.
His continual desire for discipline, determination, and constant personal improvement have led Devin to running in many local and national triathlons, marathons, and ultra-marathons. And recently he fulfilled a life long dream of running in the Boston Marathon.
As a Co-Founder of a non-profit organization called Miles for Smiles his Christian faith has shaped how he serves the community and his clients.
Because of the application of these values and traits to his profession he has become a known professional in income distribution and charitable contribution planning. He also frequently teaches tax and legal professionals on these topics as well as a monthly educational course in the community.

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