Barbara Swiatek focuses on sufficient retirement income and wealth preservation. She has helped hundreds of families get out of debt, plan for the out-of-pocket expenses of their children’s college education, and prepare for their retirement using well-defined and personalized strategies.

Barbara is a community educator and financial professional. She hosts community workshops on personal finance and retirement planning. Through her workshop events, Barbara brings her knowledge and experience to those seeking sound and predictable strategies in preparing for financial milestones and retirement.

Barbara enjoys the mountain and lakes of Colorado. She moved to Colorado in 1980 from California and considers it home. She has been married over 35 years, has 5 grown children and 7 grandchildren. The natural hot springs in Glenwood Springs and Nathrop are some of her favorite spots to relax and during the summer months she enjoys camping with her family.

SF Financial Services was founded in 2005 with an emphasis on retirees and those nearing retirement. As retirement professionals, our mission is to walk you through a smooth retirement to help you work toward your income-planning goals.

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